At BENCHMARK-IP, we understand the importance of strong and enforceable patents and therefore, our team of seasoned patent attorneys utilizes their expertise and grey cells to make a robust patent portfolio.

Our patent attorneys render services in all aspects of patents including:

  • Prior Art search, analysis and opinion (knockout and detailed)
  • Patent Invalidity Search
  • Freedom to Operate Search
  • Chemical Structure Search
  • Biological Sequence Search
  • Non-Patent Literature (NPL) Search
  • Patent Landscape
  • Infringement analysis
  • Drafting of provisional and non provisional patent application
  • Handling Examination proceedings before Patent offices – we also help in preparing responses to office actions issued by various patent offices such as Indian, USPTO, EPO, Australia, Canada etc.
  • Attending to the oral hearing
  • Patent Renewals in India and other countries
  • Filing and defending oppositions.
  • Foreign filing permissions
  • Patent portfolio management
  • Other opinion assignment
  • Translations services


A Trademark is more than just a name; It is a totem of your business and we at BENCHMARK-IP completely respect the fact. We help to create an edge for your brand and maintain the competitive advantage of this invaluable business asset. Our trademark team has rich experience across sectors and industries and is committed to your needs.

BENCHMARK-IP’s specialist attorneys, provide a spectrum of services

  • Pre filing trademark search
  • Opinion on availability and registrability of trademarks
  • Opinion on appropriate classification of goods and services for trademark registration
  • Filing and prosecution of Indian, Madrid Protocol and foreign trademark applications
  • Defending or opposing trademarks
  • Assignment drafting
  • Trademark renewals
  • Watch service


The appearance of a product may be as synonymous with your company and identity in the market. The importance of design as a tool for protecting IP should not be underestimated. Comparatively quick grant of design always start you IP protection from the very early stage.

We at BENCHMARK-IP are advising our clients and rendering service in design domain on:

  • Design Patentability Search
  • Preparation of design
  • Filing of design application in India and other countries
  • Handling examination proceedings
  • Renewals
  • Assignments
  • Portfolio management

Intellectual Property Management Services

  • Patent Docketing
  • Information Disclosure Statement (IDS)
  • Patent Proofreading
  • Office Action (OA) Response Preparation
  • European Patent Validation
  • Evidence of use (EOU)